German Gamertag GuideEdit

1. Create a new email address - I chose to create a secondary hotmail account (called no less!) but it will work with any email address. If the sign-up page asks you to specify your location, feel free to enter your actual location - so basically the email address does not have to be a german address (or whichever country you are going for).

2. Create a new Gamertag - set up a new gamertag as per normal, using the new email address. Now, follow the steps until it asks you which region you are in - the default selection in my case was United Kingdom, so click the box and select Germany (or whichever country you want). Unfortunately this makes all text appear German (or in the country's native language), but it's still easy to navigate. Follow the steps until the account is created. To be sure it worked, the Xbox desktop will all be in the country's language.

3. Add Microsoft Points - since Microsoft Points aren't region free, you will have to get your hands on a European code. Although I am in the UK and codes sold in my country are European, I still purchased the points online here. 800 points are the lowest amount you can purchase, and the code is sent directly via email about an hour after purchase, so it's very hassle free.

4. Redeem your code - simply enter the code sent to you via the attachment and redeem your points! Now put Lips in the disk tray and go download it!

5. How to use your new DLC with your main account - simply have both Gamertags logged in at the same time and the DLC available to play will be shared between both accounts, meaning you get all your normal DLC as well as the exclusive German songs all in one playlist!

EDIT: You do not have to be logged in to a secondary account afterall - all Lips DLC will work as long as it's on the same hard drive!