Lips: Deutsche Partyknaller
Lips Deutsche Partyknaller
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Release Date

October 29th, 2009 (Germany)


48 for 1250 gamerscore points (cumulative with Lips)

Avatar Awards

10 (5 female / 5 male)

Game Engine

Lips: Number One Hits

Lips: Deutsche Partyknaller (Lips: German Party Hits) is a video game for the Xbox 360, and the first spin-off title to the original Lips, while containing some enhancements found in Number One Hits. As with the other titles, it is currently being developed by iNiS and published by Microsoft Game Studios.

Deutsche Partyknaller will also support exclusive german downloadable content.

Gameplay Changes Edit

  • Scoring: The longer you can sing perfectly for continued periods, the higher your score will be. This is similar to the Combo system found in Number One Hits.
  • Enhanced UI: Upcoming lyrics now appear with a transparency filter applied to them in order to let the player now when to continue singing. Also, a player's gamerpic will be visible on the upper part of the screen.
Perfekte Welle Gameplay2

The new UI showing a gamerpic on the upper part of the screen as well as the new transparency filter.

Soundtrack Edit

The game features songs by popular german bands such as Juli, Ich + Ich and Scorpions. Check the complete soundtrack here. For the first time in the Lips series, german tracks will be regularly available for purchase at the Xbox Live Marketplace.
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