Lips: Number One Hits Song Medley
Lips Number One Hits
Artist Various
Genre Various
Year 2010
Music Video Yes checkY
Song Type DLC Song
Preceded by Lips: Party Classics Song Medley
Release date(s) March 12, 2010 (DLC Song)

The Lips: Number One Hits Song Medley is the second mix song available for download in the Lips series. It's the fourth free song overall and even though Number One Hits has been out for a while, the medley was released after Party Classics came out.

This free song features samples from Oh, Pretty Woman, How You Remind Me, Just Dance, Viva la Vida and U Can't Touch This in order to promote Lips: Number One Hits.

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Trivia Edit

  • This medley was released AFTER the sequel of Number One Hits came out.