Lips: Party Classics Song Medley
Lips Party Classics
Artist Various
Genre Various
Year 2010
Music Video Yes checkY
Song Type DLC Song
Followed by Lips: Number One Hits Song Medley
Release date(s) February 19, 2010 (DLC Song)

The Lips: Party Classics Song Medley is the first mix song available for download in the Lips series. It's the third free song overall (Take on Me and Shake The World were the first ones) and it's available exclusively for Xbox Live Gold Members. While not technically a new song, this is also the first 2010 song that's offered for download.

This free song features samples from I Will Survive, Y.M.C.A., What's Up, Love Shack and Sweet Home Alabama in order to promote Lips: Party Classics.

Scoring Edit

Solo Edit

  • Supernova: 300,000
  • Galaxy: 400,000

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first song that features samples of other songs as a way to promote the release of a Lips game.
  • It is also the first song to be in the Various genre.