The motion sensitive, wireless microphones were released for the first time as a bundle with Lips. They are also available with Number One Hits as part of a bundle. Additional microphones are available by themselves at 50.00 dollars a piece.

Other than singing, the microphones are used for regular gestures, Timed Gestures, noisemakers, Star Stream activation and Timed Noisemakers sequences.

Taking care of the mics Edit

  • Don't put the mic capsule directly in front of your mouth.
  • Never blow into the microphone (this hurts the capsule and makes it impossible to repair).
  • Always use the foam windscreen included with the mics.

Troubleshoot Edit

The most common problems with the Lips Wireless Microphones are discussed below:

  • Problem: The microphone experiences feedback (or echo)
  • Solution: This is a problem with the original Lips game, restart the game and/or power off the Xbox and try again.
  • Solution 2: Reconnect the mics by pushing both the connect button on the Xbox and holding the power button on the microphones.
  • Problem: One mic has a lower volume than the other.
    • Solution: Try to change the volume with the trigger buttons, maybe one has a higher volume than the other.
  • Solution 2: If that does not work, it sadly means your microphone is busted. Get a new one.

    The special Lips microphones.

XillionRose Microphones Edit

In mid 2009, Microsoft teamed up with CrystalRoc (renowned musical instrument designer) to create promotional Lips microphones. These microphones have small diamonds around them and supposedly the design has been used by artists such as Rihanna and Leona Lewis. While these microphones are extremely expensive, Microsoft sometimes gives them as part of promotions in special contests.

Compatible Games Edit

Trivia Edit

  • A wireless mic can be bought as downloadable content for Avatars. See the Avatar Awards page for details.